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Welcome to IT Girls Rock: Elevating Women in Tech

At IT Girls Rock, we are more than just a community; we are a movement dedicated to transforming the tech industry into a space where women and other underrepresented individuals are not just participants but leaders, innovators, and valued members. We believe in the power of technology to create a more connected world—a world that celebrates differences and where everyone feels welcome, valued, and inspired.

We believe in the limitless potential of every woman. The world of Information Technology (IT) is vast, vibrant, and filled with opportunities. Yet, we understand that stepping into this domain can sometimes feel intimidating.

Why IT Girls Rock?

  • Belonging: You’re not alone on this journey. Join a community where girls just like you are breaking barriers every day.
  • Empowerment: Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to confidently embrace the tech world.
  • Inspiration: Hear from women who’ve paved the way, sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Let’s work together to create some magic and let’s prove that IT Girls truly ROCK!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, support, and advance women and underrepresented individuals in the tech industry. Through career coaching, mentorship, and a supportive online community, we aim to break down barriers and create pathways for success and leadership in tech. We focus on fun, fairness, and freedom, underpinning everything we do with values that promote a more inclusive and ethical industry.

What We Do

  • Career Coaching: Tailored guidance to navigate the tech industry landscape, from entering the field to ascending to leadership positions.
  • Community Support: A vibrant online community, IT Girls Rock, offering a safe space for sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs.
  • Educational Workshops and Webinars: Skill-building sessions and inspirational talks designed to foster professional and personal growth.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Working alongside organizations, alliances, and associations to amplify our impact and reach.

Let’s Redefine Tech Together!

No matter your background, your passions, or your dreams, there’s a place for you in IT. Together, we can break stereotypes, shatter ceilings, and create a diverse tech landscape where every girl feels she belongs.

We are just kicking off with new programs and initiatives with positive.




Creating Magic Together

We are eager to collaborate with organizations that share our vision of a more inclusive tech industry.

Together, we can:

Develop and Support Talent:

Implement initiatives that identify, nurture, and promote women and underrepresented tech talents.

Foster Inclusive Cultures:

Share resources and strategies to help organizations become more welcoming and supportive of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Advocate for Ethical Practices:

Champion policies and practices that ensure fairness, equity, and inclusivity at all levels of the tech industry.

Unlock Hidden Talent With A Platform To Excel

We help you source talented women and provide a platform for delivering key projects supervised by IT Girls Rock Femsourcing.

Meet our founder

Gry Stene is an original “IT Girl” from the 80s, starting out as programmer at a time when there were 35-40% women in key IT roles. She has loved her 30+ years working in tech across continents, in customer obsessed roles, and is equally at home in conceptual stage startups as she is in global conglomerates. 

Gry is deeply concerned about the downward trend of women in the industry, especially as tech creators and inventors, and is on a mission to encourage, enable, empower and inspire more women to step into IT in their own capability and capacity! 

She also knows that more women in the industry encourages diversity, inclusion and belonging more broadly and throws all her energy into shifting the balance.

IT Girls Rock is key initiative for our journey and brings the coaching, mentoring, training, conversations and collaborations that Gry has developed over 30 years to a wider audience.

 Check Gry’s video on why she started IT Girls Rock.

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Whether you’re an employer, leader, alliance, association, or ally, there’s a role for you in this transformative journey. By partnering with IT Girls Rock, you’re not just supporting a community; you’re investing in the future of tech—a future where everyone has the freedom to innovate, lead, and inspire.

To explore partnership opportunities or to learn more about how you can support our mission, contact us at Let’s work together to create a tech industry that truly rocks—for everyone.