What we do

Empowering Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders Today.

 At IT Girls Rock, we believe in the limitless potential of every woman. The world of Information Technology (IT) is vast, vibrant, and filled with opportunities. Yet, we understand that stepping into this domain can sometimes feel intimidating.

Why IT Girls Rock?

Belonging: You’re not alone on this journey. Join a community where girls just like you are breaking barriers every day.

Empowerment: Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to confidently embrace the tech world.

Inspiration: Hear from women who’ve paved the way, sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Join us, and let’s prove that IT Girls truly ROCK!

What we offer

  • Workshops & Trainings: Dive into hands-on activities, from coding basics to advanced tech tools.
  • Mentoring & Coaching: Connect with professionals who can guide, inspire, and open doors for you in the IT industry.
  • Community & Networking: Build valuable relationships with peers and industry experts.

Let’s Redefine Tech Together!

No matter your background, your passions, or your dreams, there’s a place for you in IT. Together, we can break stereotypes, shatter ceilings, and create a diverse tech landscape where every girl feels she belongs.

We are just kicking off with new programs and initiatives with positive.




We offer a wide variety of courses, challenges,  conversations, collaborations, career coaching, and community support for any career stage. We believe our unique differences are what makes us stand out and tailor our initiatives for your needs.

Exploration (Fun) - Dive into the World of Tech Opportunities

At this early stage, women are diving into the vast and ever-expanding world of technology. The emphasis is on exploration, learning, trying out various tech tools, and understanding where their passions lie. They might be students, interns, or early-career professionals. During this period, mistakes are a part of the journey, and it’s a time to celebrate curiosity.

Empowerment (Fairness) - Turn Your Unique Differences into Assets

This phase is about recognizing and confronting the challenges and barriers that women in tech often face. It’s a period of growth where women are not just seeking opportunities but also ensuring they are treated fairly and advocating for others.

Mastery (Freedom) - Position Yourself as an Expert and Leader

At this mature stage, women have a substantial amount of experience and expertise. They have earned the freedom to make strategic choices, lead teams, and even venture out to start their own tech enterprises. Their decisions and actions now also pave the way for the next generation.

Exhilaration (Flow) - Step into Your Power and Soar

At this pinnacle stage, women have not only achieved their career goals but have also found a state of flow and exhilaration in their work. They are thought leaders, industry changers, and mentors to the next generation. At this point, the focus shifts from achieving to thriving—maintaining a sense of wonder and excitement in their work while also finding avenues for continuous innovation and improvement. Their influence not only elevates them but also elevates the industry as a whole.