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Vision Spark 2024: Your Path to a Recharged and Aligned Career!

Empower, Elevate, and Align Your Professional Journey


Gry R Stene
Founder and Head Coach

Join the Group Symphony: Harmonise Your Career and Life.

A 6-week transformative SMALL GROUP coaching journey. Designed not just for career growth but for aligning your career with your why. Only US$599 until 29 February! LIMITED SPOTS!

Program will run to suit the timezone of the participants with start date in March to be agreed.


Group Dynamics Not Your Thing? Check out our Personalised one-on-one coaching below

Embark on a Transformative Experience

In Vision Spark 2024, we offer two unique pathways to not just elevate your career but also align it seamlessly with your life’s purpose. Whether you thrive in personalized settings or dynamic group environments, we have a journey tailored for you:

🌐 Group Symphony (6 weeks): Engage in a supportive and collaborative group coaching experience, designed to empower your career journey. Now at only $599 per person (valued at $1199).

💼 Personal Coaching: For a more tailored approach, we’re offering a one-on-one personalised package perfect for deep diving into your unique career aspirations and challenges. Typically valued at over US$2,999 when purchased separately, and now available for just US$799.

I highly recommend and encourage you to join to discover your unique strengths and skills, and learn how to apply these as your unique perspectives and value in your work and life.

Karolina PK

Group Symphony:

A 6-Week Collaborative Adventure 

🌐 Collective Energy, Shared Growth


These workshops provided interesting discussions with other women,as well as career tools and opportunities to engage with them, in a safe and supportive environment.

Joanne C

Join our 6-week Group Symphony program, where collective wisdom fuels individual growth.

This journey offers:

  • A supportive network of peers for shared learning and growth.

  • Interactive sessions focusing on each aspect of the D.R.E.A.M. framework.
  • Community resources for continuous development and networking.

Consider Group Symphony if you thrive in a dynamic group and find yourself wondering:

  • “What do I need to do to be heard in my workplace?”
  • “What career pathways align with me and my purpose?”
  • “How can I gain confidence to pursue what I truly want?”
  • “How do I balance everything and still find success?”
  • “How do I optimise my profile and personal brand for the opportunities I want?”

Whether you seek a shift in your career or life, need a boost, or want to take control and design your future, this experience is crafted for you

Tailored Group Coaching Experience For 6 Weeks:

  • Personal Goal Setting: Start with a 1-on-1 session to align your individual goals with the group journey.
  • Weekly D.R.E.A.M. Sessions: Each week focuses on one of the D.R.E.A.M. themes with a content session (learning) and a check-in session (accountability).
  • Personal Action Plan: Conclude with a 1-on-1 session to reflect on your journey and plan your next steps.
  • Strengths Assessment & Review: Discover your unique strengths and how they can propel your career and life forward.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded professionals through the IT Girls Rock platform and access exclusive resources..

Max 12 people per group.

Sessions to be run at times that suit different time zones currently planned for Americas, Europe/Africa, Australia/Asia, and New Zealand.

EARLY BIRD ONLY US$399 until 16 Feb, then US$599 until 29 Feb  (VALUE US$1199).  LIMITED NUMBERS!

Money back guarantee.

Individual Personalised Coaching:

A Tailored One-on-One Experience 

🔍 Deeply Personalised, Profoundly Transformative


Immerse yourself in a one-on-one coaching experience with Gry.

The ‘aha’ moments came when I realized the power of mentorship and guidance. The coaching provided during the program was instrumental in shaping my approach and perspectives.

Christine S

This personalised path is designed to:

    • Unpack and unlock sticky situations
    • Uncover and align your career and life with your inner purpose and aspirations.
    • Craft a strategic, actionable plan for your career growth.
    • Provide ongoing support through the IT Girls Rock community.


  • Feel Stuck or Overlooked: You’re ready for the next step but find yourself being passed over for opportunities.
  • Seek Clarity in Your Career Path: Whether you’re at a crossroads or unsure about what’s next for you in your career.
  • Yearn for More Excitement and Motivation: Looking to rekindle your passion and drive in your professional life.
  • Experience Workplace Challenges: Dealing with issues like frustration, conflicts, imposter syndrome, or feeling undervalued.
  • Aspire for Growth and Advancement: Eager to elevate your career to new heights and secure the role and recognition you deserve.



  • Tailored One-on-One Coaching: A month-long personalised journey with your coach to align your career with your purpose and live your best life.
  • Initial Strengths Assessment & Goal Setting: Begin with a pre-session evaluation to uncover your strengths and set focused, achievable goals, ensuring our sessions are precisely tailored to your needs.
  • Guided by the D.R.E.A.M. Framework: Explore each of the D.R.E.A.M. themes through weekly content and accountability sessions, fostering learning and growth.
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan: Conclude with a dedicated session to reflect on your progress and map out next steps for continued career and personal development.
  • Community Support and Resources: Gain access to the IT Girls Rock community for additional support, networking, and exclusive resources.


Ready to Take Charge and Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever?

In the tech world, it’s easy for women to feel like we’re on the sidelines—undervalued, unheard, and often overlooked, all while juggling the demands of career, family, and community involvement. These challenges can stall our progress, making it difficult to transition into new roles, step up into leadership positions, or even venture into entrepreneurship. And let’s not forget the moments when imposter syndrome sneaks in, or when our ideas are dismissed or co-opted in meetings.

The roadblocks aren’t just technical; they’re personal and professional. That’s why IT Girls Rock is expanding our mission. We understand that what’s often missing is a supportive community, personalised career coaching, and a reliable sounding board for those crucial moments when you’re feeling stuck or second-guessing your abilities.


Meet Our D.R.E.A.M. Framework

I already knew some of these resources, but engaging with them at this time in my career and with this group of women, provided valuable insights and the motivation to send out 3 resumes this week!

Joanne C

We’ve designed this quick yet transformative experience underpinned by our signature ‘D.R.E.A.M’ framework to help you unleash your dreams and align your career and life:

  • DreamScope – Unleash Your Imagination
  • RoadMap – Navigate Your Potential
  • EmpowerMind – Unlock Your Strengths
  • AmplifyVoice – Speak Your Truth
  • MasterStride – Seize Your Destiny

Every course, challenge, and coaching bundle offered by IT Girls Rock builds on the framework and offers actionable strategies and tools, coupled with real-life stories from women who’ve navigated the tech maze successfully.

The D.R.E.A.M. framework was easy to follow, step by step, and helped me realise I can pursue my passions AND have a thriving career in tech.



Unleash Your Imagination

  • Unlock your mind to visualize your career aspirations
  • Identify your biggest, boldest dreams in tech
  • Set the stage for a journey of transformation


Navigate Your Potential

  • Investigate various career paths in tech
  • Identify the opportunities that resonate with you
  • Plot the waypoints on your road to success


Unlock Your Strengths

  • Uncover your unique strengths 
  • Tackle personal and professional barriers 
  • Learn to transform obstacles into stepping stones



Speak Your Truth

  • Hone your communication skills and use them
  • Create a personal brand that’s authentically you
  • Master the art of self-presentation in professional settings


Seize Your Destiny

  • Create a strategic action plan for your career
  • Learn how to exert your influence in the tech sphere
  • Walk away ready to land your dream job and life


Select the option that works best for you.


It was great to see what learning one can be done in 1 hour. I learnt about Ikigai which is giving perspective of how i can achieve my Tech Career goals.

Tats M

THRIVE IN A DYNAMIC GROUP? Elevate in harmony with 6 weeks of group coaching. Personalised, transformative journeys to realize your full potential.

PREFER TO TRAVEL SOLO? Elevate your potential in a month with tailored one-on-one coaching with Gry. Power up & realign your career and life. 

NOT SURE WHAT TO CHOOSE? Jump on a FREE 15 minite power chat with Gry to work out what is your best option.

Ready to Spark Your Vision and Recharge Your Future?

What You Can Expect From The

“Vision Spark 2024” Coaching!

BEFORE Vision Spark Coaching

⛔ Feel stuck in career and life with no future vision

⛔ Don’t know what’s available or where to start

⛔ Limited understanding of your strengths and unique value

⛔ Feel undervalued, lacking confidence and not heard

⛔ Unable to set goals and plan forward

⛔ Juggling too many competing priorities across life and career

AFTER Vision Spark Coaching

✅ Your dreams and purpose translate to a future self

✅ Clear career pathways that you relate to

✅ Understand your unique strengths and the value they bring

✅ Recognise and amplify your voice to speak your truth

✅ Ambitious, actionable goals and immediate action plans

✅ Clarity on what is important to design your DREAM life and career


Meet Your Host and Head Coach

Gry Stene

The rare synergy of voice, unique strength and opportunity makes Gry and exceptional coach. She has the GRY-T and GRasp to empower women in IT and promote diversity in all workplace cultures.

Gaye P

Founder & host of IT Girls Rock Community and Career Coaching for IT savvy and IT curious women. Gry is also a consultant, coach, connector, investor, and speaker working on her first book:

Full Throttle & Torque: My Life As An Alien

How to unleash & embrace your unique differences, be loved for who you are, and live your best life filled with fun, fairness and freedom.

  • Unlocking Hidden Talent: With over 30 years in tech, Gry excels at transforming untapped potential into professional brilliance.
  • Championing Real Diversity: Gry dives deeper, advocating for diversity that captures varied skills and life challenges.
  • Innovating with Impact: As the founder of STEAM Engine Global and IT Girls Rock, Gry turns evidence-based ideas into actionable change.
  • Shaping Inclusive Cultures: Utilizing her D.R.E.A.M. framework, Gry builds not just teams, but lasting, inclusive cultures.

Our Vision Spark 2024 New Year Specials guide you every step of the way!
It’s time to stop doubting yourself and holding back on your unique values.


What Members Say About Us

Your Career Questions Answered!

Some of the questions we get asked by women who are in or want to step into IT.

❔What's the most effective way to envision my tech career?

A clear vision is your career’s North Star. Tune in to our DreamScope session for a proven roadmap to crystallize your career aspirations.

❔How do I navigate the complex landscape of tech opportunities?

A roadmap makes all the difference. Don’t miss our RoadMap segment where we decode the maze of tech career options tailored just for you.

❔How can I overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome?

Mindset is key. Our EmpowerMind session will provide you with actionable tools to conquer self-doubt and elevate your career confidence.

❔How can I make sure I'm heard in a male-dominated industry?

Amplifying your voice is crucial. Join us in our AmplifyVoice session to master the art of confident communication.

❔What are the key strategies for moving from middle management to a leadership role?

Strategic action is the bridge. Don’t miss our MasterStride segment that will equip you to transition into leadership with poise.

❔What's the one thing that most women in tech underestimate about themselves?

Surprisingly, it’s not what you might think. Get the inside scoop in our EmpowerMind session.

❔How can I balance work, family, and personal growth?

It’s all about setting the right priorities. Our RoadMap session offers you a holistic guide to achieving a fulfilling balance.

❔Can a career in tech also allow me to make a positive social impact?

Absolutely, and we’ll show you how. Tune into our MasterStride session for inspiring examples and actionable plans.


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