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Missed out on a promotion or opportunity that was meant for you?

Been ignored or talked over in meetings despite your expertise?

Had your brilliant idea stolen or credited to someone else?



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Do any of these sound familiar?

Women I work with tell me that that when they wake up at 2am, these are the sort of things that are running around in their head:

  • Stagnation or Lack of Opportunity: Worry about becoming stagnant in her career and struggling to advance without the support and guidance of a supportive network.

  • Rejection: Worry about being rejected or overlooked for opportunities in favour of less qualified candidates.

  • Being Alone: Fear that she will feel isolated and unsupported in her career, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction.

  • Failure: She is afraid of failing to meet the high expectations placed on her as a woman in a male-dominated field.

  • Being Undervalued: Fears that her skills and contributions will continue to be undervalued and overlooked by her colleagues and superiors.

Imagine instead waking up feeling empowered, confident, and supported, knowing you have dedicated mentors guiding you towards your goals. With our mentoring program, you’ll gain the tools, network, and confidence to overcome these fears and seize the opportunities you deserve.

Facing These Challenges? You’re Not Alone.

  • Overlooked for Promotion When You’re the Best Candidate: Passed over for a promotion or leadership opportunity in favour of a less peers and colleague.

  • Dismissed or Ignored in Meetings Despite Expertise: Ideas consistently dismissed or overlooked in meetings, despite being equally or more qualified than male counterparts.

  • Lack of Female Role Models or Mentors: Struggling to find female role models or mentors within the organization or industry who can offer guidance and support tailored to her experiences as a woman in IT.

  • Experiencing Overt Discrimination or Bias: Facing overt discrimination or bias in the workplace, such as being subjected to sexist remarks or being held to different standards than male colleagues.

  • Feeling Isolated and Unsupported: Feeling isolated and unsupported in a male-dominated workplace culture, lacking a sense of belonging and camaraderie with peers.

  • Hitting a Glass Ceiling: Feeling hindered in career growth by systemic barriers and biases that limit opportunities for advancement and recognition.

  • Pay Inequality: Discovering disparities in pay and compensation between male and female colleagues in similar roles, despite comparable skills and experience.

  • Lack of Access to Professional Development Opportunities: Feeling excluded from networking events, training programs, or leadership initiatives due to gender-based discrimination or bias.

  • Balancing Work and Caregiving Responsibilities: Struggling to balance work commitments with caregiving responsibilities, such as caring for children or elderly relatives, due to lack of support or flexible work arrangements.

  • Experiencing Imposter Syndrome: Battling feelings of imposter syndrome and self-doubt, questioning her abilities and worth in comparison to male colleagues, despite evidence of competence and achievement.

What if you had a community and mentors that understand your unique experiences and provide the guidance you need to succeed?

How do these situations show up in your life?

Impact on Confidence: Have you ever felt that it was difficult to assert yourself and advocate for your needs and wants in the workplace (and at home)?

Career Paralysis: Have your fears of rejection and failure ever stopped you from making decisions or hesitating when pursuing new opportunities or challenging projects?

Mental Health Strain: Constantly battling feelings of isolation and insecurity can take a toll on mental health, leading to stress, anxiety, and depression?

Strained Relationships: Have your relationships with colleagues, friends, and family ever suffered as you struggle to balance her professional and personal life?

Professional Stagnation: Without the support and guidance you need, have you ever felt stuck in your career, unable to progress or reach your full potential?

    These challenges don’t have to define your journey. With the right support and mentorship, you can overcome them and thrive both professionally and personally.

    What we’re told to do, but does it work?


    • Attend Professional Networking Events
    • Join Workplace Mentoring
    • Switch to Less Demanding Roles
    • Work More to Prove Your Worth
    • Self-Help Courses and Resources

    While these suggestions are common, they often don’t address the unique challenges women in tech face. We understand what truly works because we’ve been there.

    Experience Transformative Change with IT Girls Rock

    Your Career, Your Terms

    At IT Girls Rock, we understand the unique challenges women in tech face. From feeling isolated in male-dominated spaces, missing out on opportunities, being talked over or ignored despite evident expertise, battling imposter syndrome, and hitting the glass ceiling—the road to recognition and advancement is often fraught with obstacles. But you’re not alone, and your career deserves a breakthrough. Our mentoring program, designed by women for women, is here to make that happen.

    What Sets IT Girls Rock Mentoring Apart:

    Personalised Mentor Matching: Connect with mentors who not only excel in tech but also understand your unique challenges. Our mentors offer tailored guidance to help you navigate your career path with confidence and clarity.

    Real Career Advancement: Whether you’re aiming for a promotion, pay increase, or leadership role, our program provides actionable strategies for tangible career growth. Our participants have advanced to team leaders, senior engineers, and project managers within just six months.

    Skill Development: Enhance your skills with access to technical certifications and leadership workshops. We equip you with the tools to not just participate but to lead and innovate in your field.

    Supportive Community: Build meaningful relationships with peers who encourage and uplift you. Our platform turns professional contacts into personal allies, providing a supportive network that lasts.

    Increased Recognition: Gain visibility for your skills and contributions. Our community celebrates your achievements, giving you a platform to shine and inspire others.

    Work-Life Integration: Master the delicate balance of professional success and personal fulfillment. Our program offers strategies to manage work pressures alongside personal responsibilities, ensuring a harmonious life.

    Empowerment and Advocacy: Join a movement that advocates for fairness, equality, and recognition of women’s contributions in tech. Be part of setting new standards in the industry.

    The ‘aha’ moments came when I realized the power of mentorship and guidance. The coaching provided during the program was instrumental in shaping my approach and perspectives.

    Christine S

    Career Advancement Opportunity

    • WITH mentoring 71% 71%
    • WITHOUT mentoring 47% 47%

    Employees’ Salaries Increased

    • WITH mentoring 25% 25%
    • WITHOUT mentoring 5% 5%

    Mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those without mentors.


    Mentored individuals report higher career advancement opportunities than without mentoring


    Of women never had a formal mentor.

    How it Works & What You Get!

    Access to Mentors

    • Mentors are highly experienced tech professionals who each have unique superpowers and can help you at any stage of your career and life in IT.
    • Receive personalised mentor recommendations based on your needs and preferences.
    • Global program ensures mentor availability across time zones. No more 3am calls.

    Accessible Investment

    • Accessible pricing , tailored to your finances with equity options.
    • Your investment helps us expand our community, ensure that we value women’s work and support our equity program that offers scholarships.
    • Choose between single sessions or session packages for flexibility.

    What our Mentees Get

    • Access the IT Girls Rock community with personalised mentoring by our highly experienced mentors, plus transformational programs.
    • Training for mentees to ensure you make the most of mentoring. Our mentors are highly qualified and skilled at helping you soar.

    Ready to Transform Your Career, Your Way?

    What You Can Expect From Your

    “Mentor on Demand” Program!

    BEFORE Mentor on Demand

    ⛔ Unable to find mentors with the skill set you want

    ⛔ Unsure about what you need and how to approach mentors

    ⛔ Limited understanding of your strengths and unique value

    ⛔ Confused about how to get to the next stage of your career

    ⛔ Can’t find mentors that are available when you are

    ⛔ Juggling too many competing priorities across life and career

    AFTER Mentor on Demand

    ✅ Select your mentors from a pool of experienced tech women

    ✅ Access to relevant mentors in line with your schedule

    ✅ Work on your specific challenges how and when you want

    ✅ Recognise and amplify your voice to speak your truth

    ✅ Ambitious, actionable goals and immediate action plans

    ✅ Clarity on what is important to design your DREAM life and career


    Top Mentors

    Our mentors are seasoned tech industry professionals, all women.

    Based on your needs, we will match and recommend mentors for you. For a reason, a season or a lifetime.

    Isis Garcia

    Hello, I’m Isis, your digital marketing mentor. Whether you’re an individual or a business seeking to enhance your brand presence, I’m here to guide and support you.

    My specialty lies in empowering mentees to develop online identities that captivate audiences and yield tangible results. Whether your goal is to impress potential employers or gain traction in the market, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve success.

    Joanne Cooper

    Hello. My name is Joanne and I am passionate about helping women feel fulfilled and live an authentic life. My experiences as an IT manager, non-profit executive, life coach, and working mom, provide me with valuable insights into how to navigate difficult situations at work and at home.

    Wherever you are in your career, I would love to support you on your journey.

    Yoana Boyanova

    I’m Yoana and I manage a team through our journey of developing a big cloud service delivery platform. I’m also responsible for the different initiatives and processes in our product.

    I am passionate about leadership, communication, and presentation skills and I love trying new things. I love to support women who are stepping into leadership from technical roles.

    Gry Stene

    I’m Gry, the founder and head coach for IT Girls Rock. With over 30 years in the tech industry from programmer through to CPO, I bring a wealth of experience and perspectives. As a neurospicy woman in tech, I work with those who may feel like they don’t belong.

    Let’s unlock your potential and create pathways to success.

    What Women in Tech Say

    We’ve been listening, and here’s what we hear.


    I’m seeking a mentor. They should understand the challenges women face in fields like Data, AI, Cyber, Product, Leadership, or Engineering.

    My company does not offer mentoring, where can I find mentors, and how do I approach them?

    The cost of coaching programs is prohibitive. Are there more affordable options?

    I can’t attend evening meetings. Can’t these programs offer more flexible scheduling?

    I found it hard to trust the mentor I was matched with because they did not have the deep knowledge I wanted.

    I was matched with a mentor who wasn’t a good fit for my personality or goals. Can the matching process be improved?

    There needs to be more focus on overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling like I belong.

    I’d appreciate guidance on navigating office politics and overcoming gender bias for promotion.

    I’ve been paired with mentors at work. I felt guilty for taking too much of their time

    I’ve never found formal mentorships helpful. So, I developed a network of supportive women.

    Why Mentoring for Women, by Women?


    I highly recommend and encourage you to join to discover your unique strengths and skills, and learn how to apply these as your unique perspectives and value in your work and life.

    Karolina PK

    Underpinned by our bespoke DREAM Compass™

    The DREAM Compass was easy to follow, step by step, and helped me realise I can pursue my passions AND have a thriving career in tech.


    What You Get!


    Personalised Mentoring for Women, by Women 

    A structured mentoring program designed to empower women in IT careers and foster their professional growth. Key components include:

    Matching Algorithm: A sophisticated matching algorithm pairs mentees with experienced female mentors based on their career goals, interests, and areas for development.

    One-on-One Personalised Mentoring Sessions: Regular mentoring sessions provide personalized guidance, feedback, and support tailored to each individual’s needs and aspirations.

    Robust, proprietary mentoring framework: Our DREAM Compass™, designed to help you align your professional and personal life with you aspirations, underpins all our mentoring and coaching.

    Skill-building Workshops: Interactive workshops and training sessions cover essential skills such as communication, negotiation, and leadership, equipping mentees with the tools they need to succeed in their careers.

    Peer Support Groups: Small peer support groups consisting of mentees facing similar challenges provide additional opportunities for networking, collaboration, and accountability.

    Career Development Resources: Access to a curated selection of career development resources, including resume reviews, mock interviews, and job search strategies, helps mentees navigate their career paths with confidence and clarity.

      Community access:

    Premium community membership for a limited period depending on package. Access to all community resources such as:

    • Full access to community of inspiring women in tech
    • Exclusive access to private changemaker lounge to dive deeper into challenges
    • Free access to keynotes and conversations with thought leaders to upskill
    • Free access to workshops on topics chosen by members to build connections and upskill
    • Weekly group mentoring where we workshop things you need help with
    • Member prices for courses and transformational programs

    Flexible investment:



    • 1 hour personalised mentoring
    • 1 month premium community membership
    • Ad-hoc, support in community
    • Weekly mentee meetups
    • Use within 2 months




    Ideal when you have a specific issue you need to resolve and you need a bit of support and guidance. 


    • Investment only: $197
    • Valued at: $440




    • 5 hours personalised mentoring
    • Flexible scheduling in 30/60 min slots
    • 2 months premium community membership
    • Ad hoc, personalised support from mentors and community managers 
    • Weekly mentoring meetups
    • Use within 6 months




    Ideal when you are going through a transformation such as a promotion / job opportunity, or a workplace issue. 


    • Investment only: $797
    • Valued at: $2080




    • 10 hours personalised mentoring
    • Flexible scheduling in 15/30/60 min slots, depending on your need
    • 3 months premium community membership
    • Ad hoc, personalised support from mentors and community managers 
    • Weekly mentoring meetups
    • Use within 12 months

    Ideal when you know that you need ongoing support to help you across the many trajectories of personal and professional life.

    • Investment only: $1397
    • Valued at: $4120

    The experience left me excited to embrace a future in tech where I will not just participate but thrive and lead. I have always known mentors and  coaches to be stern but Gry is lenient and receptive.

    Nmesoma O

    Meet Your Host

    Gry Stene

    Founder and Head Coach

    Gry is a speaker, coach, mentor, advisor, connector, investor, and speaker working on her first book:

    Full Throttle & Torque: My Life As An Alien

    How to unleash & embrace your unique differences, be loved for who you are, and live your best life filled with fun, fairness and freedom.


    More about Gry:

    • Gry has over 30 years in tech. She excels at turning untapped potential into professional brilliance.
    • Founded STEAM Engine Global and IT Girls Rock.
    • Uses her D.R.E.A.M. framework to build lasting, inclusive cultures and teams.

    The rare synergy of voice, unique strength and opportunity makes Gry and exceptional coach. She has the GRY-T and GRasp to empower women in IT and promote diversity in all workplace cultures.

    Gaye P

    Our Mentor for Women, by Women will guide you every step of the way!
    It’s time to find your mentors and get the most out of them.


    What Members Say About Us

    Your Questions About Mentoring and Coaching Answered!

    Some of the questions we get asked by women who are in or want to step into IT.

    ❔I couldn't make the launch event. What did I miss? Will there be a recording?

    Susan shared her research and  insight about what is missing in traditional mentoring programs. Attending the launch event provided an opportunity to learn more about the mentorship program, meet influential speakers like Susan Colantuono, and network with other women in tech.  A recording will be available inside the community platform.

    ❔How can individuals get involved in the mentorship program?

    Individuals can get involved by signing up for the program, attending orientation sessions, and actively participating in mentoring sessions and networking events.

    ❔What are the pricing options available for the mentorship program?

    Pricing options vary based on the level of mentorship and duration of the program, with flexible packages designed to accommodate different financial situations.

    ❔How are mentees matched with the appropriate mentor?

    Mentees are matched with mentors based on their specific needs, goals, and background, ensuring compatibility and relevance in the mentoring relationship.

    ❔How would you describe the format of the "speed networking" session?

    The speed networking session is a fun and interactive event where mentees have the opportunity to meet multiple mentors in a short amount of time, allowing for quick introductions and initial connections.

    ❔Is there flexibility in the timing and duration of mentoring sessions?

    Yes, mentoring sessions are scheduled at mutually convenient times for both mentors and mentees, with flexibility in session duration to accommodate different needs and schedules.

    ❔Are there any discounts or scholarships available for the mentorship program?

    Depending on availability, there may be discounts or scholarships offered for the mentorship program to ensure accessibility for all interested participants.

    ❔How does the mentorship program ensure confidentiality and professionalism in mentoring relationships?

    The mentorship program maintains strict confidentiality guidelines and promotes professionalism in all mentoring relationships, ensuring that information shared between mentors and mentees remains confidential and that interactions are conducted with respect and integrity.

    Imagine yourself on stage, participating and contributing to the conversation by sharing your experiences and being part of the solution.