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At IT Girls Rock, we champion women in tech by providing:

Mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those without mentors.


Mentored individuals report higher career advancement opportunities than without mentoring


Of women never had a formal mentor.


Mentoring on demand for women in tech. Seasoned tech industry professionals, all women, serve as mentors.

Access one or more mentors for any duration: for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Utilize our DREAM Compass to align your career with your aspirations.


Mentor profiles go public on April 22.

The launch event is on April 29/30. It will feature Susan Colantuono. She is an advocate for women’s leadership and a TED speaker. Her talks have nearly 5 million views.

Meet your mentors in a fun “speed networking” session the second week of May when bookings open.


Mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those without mentors.

63% of women have never had a formal mentor. Find a mentor who understands women’s tech challenges.

Get support for specific challenges, career guidance, or build lifelong professional relationships.

How it Works & What You Get!

Tailored Investment

  • Accessible pricing , tailored to your finances with equity options.
  • Fees support program operations, mentor payment, and contribute to an equity fund for scholarships. Mentors have option to invest in equity fund.
  • Choose between single sessions or session packages for flexibility.

Access to Mentors

  • Mentors are seasoned professionals who each have unique superpowers and can help you at any stage of your career and life in IT.
  • Receive personalised mentor recommendations based on your needs and preferences.
  • Global program ensures mentor availability across time zones.

Gifts for Mentees:

  • Access the IT Girls Rock community. It has workshops and conversations on all things tech and women.
  • Mentees are trained to make the most of mentoring. Mentors get support and follow our framework.
  • Option to upgrade for access to group coaching and mentoring.

Career Advancement Opportunity

  • WITH mentoring 71% 71%
  • WITHOUT mentoring 47% 47%

Employees’ Salaries Increased

  • WITH mentoring 25% 25%
  • WITHOUT mentoring 5% 5%

The ‘aha’ moments came when I realized the power of mentorship and guidance. The coaching provided during the program was instrumental in shaping my approach and perspectives.

Christine S

Ready to Transform Your Career, Your Way?

What You Can Expect From Your

“Mentor on Demand” Program!

BEFORE Mentor on Demand

⛔ Unable to find mentors with the skill set you want

⛔ Unsure about what you need and how to approach mentors

⛔ Limited understanding of your strengths and unique value

⛔ Confused about how to get to the next stage of your career

⛔ Can’t find mentors that are available when you are

⛔ Juggling too many competing priorities across life and career

AFTER Mentor on Demand

✅ Select your mentors from a pool of experienced tech women

✅ Access to relevant mentors in line with your schedule

✅ Work on your specific challenges how and when you want

✅ Recognise and amplify your voice to speak your truth

✅ Ambitious, actionable goals and immediate action plans

✅ Clarity on what is important to design your DREAM life and career


Why Mentor on Demand?


I highly recommend and encourage you to join to discover your unique strengths and skills, and learn how to apply these as your unique perspectives and value in your work and life.

Karolina PK

What Women in Tech Want 

We’ve been listening, and here’s what we hear.


I’m seeking a mentor. They should understand the challenges women face in fields like Data, AI, Cyber, Product, Leadership, or Engineering.

My company does not offer mentoring, where can I find mentors, and how do I approach them?

The cost of coaching programs is prohibitive. Are there more affordable options?

I can’t attend evening meetings. Can’t these programs offer more flexible scheduling?

I found it hard to trust the mentor I was matched with because they did not have the deep knowledge I wanted.

I was matched with a mentor who wasn’t a good fit for my personality or goals. Can the matching process be improved?

There needs to be more focus on overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling like I belong.

I’d appreciate guidance on navigating office politics and overcoming gender bias for promotion.

I’ve been paired with mentors at work, . I felt guilty for taking too much of their time

I’ve never found formal mentorships helpful. So, I developed a network of supportive women.

Program Launch!

Make the Most of Mentoring with Susan Colantuono


Join us for a special workshop. It will delve into mentoring’s power with insights from Susan Colantuono. Also, we’re launching the Mentoring Pilot at IT Girls Rock. This event is inspired by Colantuono’s work, Make the Most of Mentoring. It promises to boost your tech career through mentoring.

We recommend that you watch Susan’s TED talk before the event. It is called “The career advice you probably didn’t get | Susan Colantuono.” The talk has nearly 4.5 million views and has been praised by prestigious publications like The Washington Post and Fortune.

And here are her books:

SAVE THE DATE: April 29 at 7pm EST / April 30 at 7am AWST!


NOT SURE YOU NEED THIS? Download our free career self-assessment for diverse and driven women to explore options.

NOT SURE THIS IS FOR YOU? Jump on a FREE 15 minite power chat with Gry to work out what is your best option.

Meet DREAM Compass™ – Our Mentoring Framework

I already knew some of these resources, but engaging with them at this time in my career and with this group of women, provided valuable insights and the motivation to send out 3 resumes this week!

Joanne C

The DREAM Compass was easy to follow, step by step, and helped me realise I can pursue my passions AND have a thriving career in tech.



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Buy ONE, Get ONE

Bring a friend or gift a scholarship

Mentoring Packages:

  • One mentoring hour: $100 (value $440)
  • Five mentoring hours: $400 (value $1240)
  • Ten mentoring hours: $700 (value $2240)


Individual mentoring that can be booked as 30 or 60 minute sessions with a mentor of your choice.

Tailored AI powered mentor  recommendations.

Three months community membership at changemaker level.

Access to all community resources such as

  • Full access to community of inspiring women in tech
  • Exclusive access to private changemaker lounge
  • Free access to keynotes and conversations with thought leaders
  • Free access to workshops on topics chosen by members
  • Weekly group mentoring where we workshop things you need help with
  • Member prices for courses and transformational programs



IgniteHer DREAM Kit


  • Envision Your Future Template
  • Tech Career Pathways Guide
  • Unique Strengths Explorer
  • Tips to Amplify Your Voice
  • Career Planner & Action Guide

Special early bird bonuses will enhance your Mentor on Demand pilot journey. They include custom templates and guides. These tools clarify your vision, tackle tech, highlight your strengths, and plan your career steps. Also, they help you overcome common challenges.

We are feeling generous! Early bird participants go in the draw for 2 annual CHANGEMAKER memberships (April value $400).

The experience left me excited to embrace a future in tech where I will not just participate but thrive and lead. I have always known mentors and  coaches to be stern but Gry is lenient and receptive.

Nmesoma O









Limited Spots Available—Mentors, Mentees and Scholarship Applications Open.

Meet Your Host

Gry Stene

Founder and Head Coach of IT Girls Rock Mentoring and Coaching Community.

Gry is also a consultant, coach, connector, investor, and speaker working on her first book:

Full Throttle & Torque: My Life As An Alien

How to unleash & embrace your unique differences, be loved for who you are, and live your best life filled with fun, fairness and freedom.


More about Gry:

  • Gry has over 30 years in tech. She excels at turning untapped potential into professional brilliance.
  • Founded STEAM Engine Global and IT Girls Rock.
  • Uses her D.R.E.A.M. framework to build lasting, inclusive cultures and teams.

The rare synergy of voice, unique strength and opportunity makes Gry and exceptional coach. She has the GRY-T and GRasp to empower women in IT and promote diversity in all workplace cultures.

Gaye P

Our Mentor on Demand Pilot will guide you every step of the way!
It’s time to find your mentors and get the most out of them.


What Members Say About Us

Your Questions About Mentoring and Coaching Answered!

Some of the questions we get asked by women who are in or want to step into IT.

Why is it beneficial to attend the launch event?

Attending the launch event provides an opportunity to learn more about the mentorship program, meet influential speakers like Susan Colantuono, and network with other women in tech.

❔How can individuals get involved in the mentorship program?

Individuals can get involved by signing up for the program, attending orientation sessions, and actively participating in mentoring sessions and networking events.

❔What are the pricing options available for the mentorship program?

Pricing options vary based on the level of mentorship and duration of the program, with flexible packages designed to accommodate different financial situations.

❔How are mentees matched with the appropriate mentor?

Mentees are matched with mentors based on their specific needs, goals, and background, ensuring compatibility and relevance in the mentoring relationship.

❔How would you describe the format of the "speed networking" session?

The speed networking session is a fun and interactive event where mentees have the opportunity to meet multiple mentors in a short amount of time, allowing for quick introductions and initial connections.

❔Is there flexibility in the timing and duration of mentoring sessions?

Yes, mentoring sessions are scheduled at mutually convenient times for both mentors and mentees, with flexibility in session duration to accommodate different needs and schedules.

❔Are there any discounts or scholarships available for the mentorship program?

Depending on availability, there may be discounts or scholarships offered for the mentorship program to ensure accessibility for all interested participants.

❔How does the mentorship program ensure confidentiality and professionalism in mentoring relationships?

The mentorship program maintains strict confidentiality guidelines and promotes professionalism in all mentoring relationships, ensuring that information shared between mentors and mentees remains confidential and that interactions are conducted with respect and integrity.

NOT SURE YOU NEED THIS? Download our free career self-assessment for diverse and driven women to explore options.

NOT SURE THIS IS FOR YOU? Jump on a FREE 15 minite power chat with Gry to work out what is your best option.


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