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Mentoring on Demand: Customized Guidance, When You Need It

Embark on a unique journey with our Mentoring on Demand initiative, specifically designed for women in tech who aspire to accelerate their career growth through personalized, flexible mentorship. This innovative program offers you a direct path to overcoming professional hurdles and unlocking new opportunities, all on your schedule.

At IT Girls Rock, we champion the advancement of women in tech by providing:

  • Tailored Mentor Matches: Discover mentors who align with your career objectives and personal growth plans, offering insights that speak directly to your situation.
  • Adaptable Mentorship: Benefit from the freedom to engage with mentors at times that fit into your busy life, ensuring you receive support exactly when it’s most impactful.
  • Empowering Community: Gain access to a vibrant community of women in tech, fostering a nurturing environment where everyone is committed to mutual success and support.

Reserve Your Spot in a Transformative Mentorship Experience

Are you prepared to take control of your tech career with the backing of dedicated mentors ready to guide your journey? Our Mentoring on Demand program is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities, designed to empower you to navigate the tech landscape with confidence and achieve your professional ambitions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tailor your path to success in tech. Reserve your spot now and begin the journey to elevating your career with IT Girls Rock.


Mentoring on demand was designed for women in tech by IT Girls Rock.

You can access one or more mentors for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 

Our mentors are seasoned professionals from the tech industry, women who have navigated the ups and downs and carved paths of success through resilience and expertise.

We use our DREAM Compass to  help you align your career with your dreams and aspirations.


We’re excited about some of the things we have in store for you for the pilot.

Our mentor profiles will be made public on April 22.

For our launch event on April 29/30, we  have secured Susan Colantuono, a leading advocate for women’s leadership, author and TED speaker with almost 5 million views. 

Meet your mentors in our fun and interactive “speed networking” session the second week of May when bookings open. 


Finding a mentor who not only shares your experiences but also understands the unique challenges women face in tech can be daunting. It’s not just about finding guidance; it’s about connecting with someone who can navigate the nuances of our industry with you.

Whether you’re seeking support for a specific challenge, looking for guidance through a phase of your career, or aiming to build a lifelong professional relationship, we’re here to facilitate those connections.

Gaps in Mentoring for Women in Tech

Are you getting the guidance you want and deserve?

While there are many valuable programs available, there are still some shortcomings in existing coaching and mentoring options for women in tech. Here are some of our observations and what some women have shared with us about the current offerings:

  • Accessibility: If your company does not offer mentoring, it can be hard to source. Cost can be a barrier, and some programs may not offer flexible scheduling or remote options for busy women.
  • Specificity: Existing programs might be too general, not addressing the unique challenges women in specific tech fields face (e.g., cybersecurity vs. software development).
  • Matching and Suitability: Not all mentor-mentee pairings work well. Better matching based on personality, experience and goals could be crucial.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Many women in tech struggle with self-doubt and lack of confidence. This is often exacerbated by people telling us we are not “enough”. Programs that directly address imposter syndrome from a feminine perspective and confidence building could be highly sought after.
  • Navigation of Workplace Dynamics: Mentorship on navigating gender bias, office politics, and building sponsorship within companies would be valuable. This can be difficult if you work with your mentor.

Reserve Your Spot in a Transformative Mentorship Experience

Are you prepared to take control of your tech career with the backing of dedicated mentors ready to guide your journey? Our Mentoring on Demand program is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities, designed to empower you to navigate the tech landscape with confidence and achieve your professional ambitions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tailor your path to success in tech. Reserve your spot now and begin the journey to elevating your career with IT Girls Rock.

The ‘aha’ moments came when I realized the power of mentorship and guidance. The coaching provided during the program was instrumental in shaping my approach and perspectives.

Christine S

What Women in Tech Want 

We’ve been listening, and here’s what we hear.


I’d love a mentor who understands the specific challenges of being a woman in Date / AI / Cyber / Product / Leadership / Engineering etc.

My company does not offer mentoring, where can I find mentors, and how do I approach them?

The cost of coaching programs is prohibitive. Are there more affordable options?

I can’t attend evening meetings. Can’t these programs offer more flexible scheduling?

I found it hard to trust the mentor I was matched with because they did not have the deep knowledge I wanted.

I was matched with a mentor who wasn’t a good fit for my personality or goals. Can the matching process be improved?

There needs to be more focus on overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling like I belong.

I’d appreciate guidance on navigating office politics and getting promoted in a way that considers gender bias

I’ve been paired with mentors at work, . I felt guilty for taking too much of their time.

I’ve never found formal mentorships to be particularly helpful, so I developed a network of women who have my back

Why Mentor on Demand?


I highly recommend and encourage you to join to discover your unique strengths and skills, and learn how to apply these as your unique perspectives and value in your work and life.

Karolina PK

Program Launch!

Make the Most of Mentoring with Susan Colantuono


Join us for a special workshop on that not only explores the transformative power of mentoring with insights from Susan Colantuono but also marks the launch of our much-anticipated Mentoring Pilot at IT Girls Rock. Inspired by Colantuono’s pivotal work, Make the Most of Mentoring, this event is your gateway to harnessing mentoring relationships for unprecedented career advancement in the tech industry.

We recommend that you watch Susan’s TED talk before the event: The career advice you probably didn’t get | Susan Colantuono.

And here are her books:

SAVE THE DATE: April 29 at 7pm EST / April 30 at 7am AWST!


How it Works & What You Get!

Let’s shape our future for good.


Mentors are seasoned professionals who each have unique superpowers and can help you at any stage of your career and life in IT.

You can purchase a single session, or a book of sessions that that they can use as and when they like.*

We aim to keep the pricing at an affordable level that is commensurate with the mentees financial situation.

Our program and community is global, so our mentors will provide times that work for all time zones. Your choice.

You get access to the IT Girls Rock community with inspiring women as well as workshops and conversations that tackle the challenges for women in tech.

If we don’t have a mentor who suits your specific needs and situation, we will do our utmost to find one for you.

Based on what you are looking for, we can recommend the mentors that match your needs and can support you best in your situation. You choose.

We believe that women should be paid for the value they bring, so our mentors get paid a proportion of the fee.

The fee goes towards the running of the program, and part is placed in an equity fund that is reserved for scholarships.

Mentors have the option to contribute their portion of the fee towards the equity fund and scholarships.

Our mentees are trained on how to get the most out of mentoring, and our mentors are trained in our framework and supported through the program.

You get options to upgrade and tap into the group coaching and mentoring that we provide to our members.

Meet Our D.R.E.A.M. aka DREAM Compass™

I already knew some of these resources, but engaging with them at this time in my career and with this group of women, provided valuable insights and the motivation to send out 3 resumes this week!

Joanne C

We’ve designed this quick yet transformative experience underpinned by our signature DREAM Compass™ to help you unleash your dreams and align your career and life:

  • DreamScope – Unleash Your Imagination
  • RoadMap – Navigate Your Potential
  • EmpowerMind – Unlock Your Strengths
  • AmplifyVoice – Speak Your Truth
  • MasterStride – Seize Your Destiny

Every course, challenge, mentoring, coaching and community bundle offered by IT Girls Rock build on this coaching framework and offers actionable strategies and tools, coupled with real-life stories from women who’ve navigated the tech maze successfully.

The DREAM Compass was easy to follow, step by step, and helped me realise I can pursue my passions AND have a thriving career in tech.



Unleash Your Imagination

  • Unlock your mind to visualize your career aspirations
  • Identify your biggest, boldest dreams in tech
  • Set the stage for a journey of transformation


Navigate Your Potential

  • Investigate various career paths in tech
  • Identify the opportunities that resonate with you
  • Plot the waypoints on your road to success


Unlock Your Strengths

  • Uncover your unique strengths 
  • Tackle personal and professional barriers 
  • Learn to transform obstacles into stepping stones



Speak Your Truth

  • Hone your communication skills and use them
  • Create a personal brand that’s authentically you
  • Master the art of self-presentation in professional settings


Seize Your Destiny

  • Create a strategic action plan for your career
  • Learn how to exert your influence in the tech sphere
  • Walk away ready to land your dream job and life

It was great to see what learning one can be done in 1 hour. I learnt about Ikigai which is giving perspective of how i can achieve my Tech Career goals.

Tats M

Ready to Transform Your Career, Your Way?

What You Can Expect From Your

“Mentor on Demand” Program!

BEFORE Mentor on Demand

⛔ Unable to find mentors with the skill set you want

⛔ Unsure about what you need and how to approach mentors

⛔ Limited understanding of your strengths and unique value

⛔ Confused about how to get to the next stage of your career

⛔ Can’t find mentors that are available when you are

⛔ Juggling too many competing priorities across life and career

AFTER Mentor on Demand

✅ Select your mentors from a pool of experienced tech women

✅ Access to relevant mentors in line with your schedule

✅ Work on your specific challenges how and when you want

✅ Recognise and amplify your voice to speak your truth

✅ Ambitious, actionable goals and immediate action plans

✅ Clarity on what is important to design your DREAM life and career



When you register today, you can win an annual CHANGEMAKER membership to IT Girls Rock!


IgniteHer DREAM Kit

  • Envision Your Future Template
  • Tech Career Pathways Guide
  • Unique Strengths Explorer
  • Tips to Amplify Your Voice
  • Career Planner & Action Guide

These exclusive early bird bonuses will supercharge your journey beyond the Mentor on Demand pilot by providing you with tailored templates and guides—helping you crystalize your future vision, navigate the tech landscape, capitalize on your unique strengths, amplify your voice effectively, and strategically plan your next career moves, all while overcoming common hurdles you may encounter.

The ‘aha’ moments came when I realized the power of mentorship and guidance. The coaching provided during the program was instrumental in shaping my approach and perspectives.

Christine S

What if we could help you find the right mentors and get the most of mentoring?









Limited Spots Available—Reserve Your Early Bird Spot Before It’s Too Late!

Meet Your Host and Head Coach

Gry Stene

Founder, Head Coach & Host of IT Girls Rock Mentoring and Coaching Community for IT savvy and IT curious women. Gry is also a consultant, coach, connector, investor, and speaker working on her first book:

Full Throttle & Torque: My Life As An Alien

How to unleash & embrace your unique differences, be loved for who you are, and live your best life filled with fun, fairness and freedom.

  • Unlocking Hidden Talent: With over 30 years in tech, Gry excels at transforming untapped potential into professional brilliance.
  • Championing Real Diversity: Gry dives deeper, advocating for diversity that captures varied skills and life challenges.
  • Innovating with Impact: As the founder of STEAM Engine Global and IT Girls Rock, Gry turns evidence-based ideas into actionable change.
  • Shaping Inclusive Cultures: Utilizing her D.R.E.A.M. framework, Gry builds not just teams, but lasting, inclusive cultures.

The rare synergy of voice, unique strength and opportunity makes Gry and exceptional coach. She has the GRY-T and GRasp to empower women in IT and promote diversity in all workplace cultures.

Gaye P

Our Mentor on Demand Pilot will guide you every step of the way!
It’s time to find your mentors and get the most out of them.


What Members Say About Us

Your Questions About Mentoring and Coaching Answered!

Some of the questions we get asked by women who are in or want to step into IT.

❔What's the most effective way to envision my tech career?

A clear vision is your career’s North Star. Tune in to our DreamScope session for a proven roadmap to crystallize your career aspirations.

❔How do I navigate the complex landscape of tech opportunities?

A roadmap makes all the difference. Don’t miss our RoadMap segment where we decode the maze of tech career options tailored just for you.

❔How can I overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome?

Mindset is key. Our EmpowerMind session will provide you with actionable tools to conquer self-doubt and elevate your career confidence.

❔How can I make sure I'm heard in a male-dominated industry?

Amplifying your voice is crucial. Join us in our AmplifyVoice session to master the art of confident communication.

❔What are the key strategies for moving from middle management to a leadership role?

Strategic action is the bridge. Don’t miss our MasterStride segment that will equip you to transition into leadership with poise.

❔What's the one thing that most women in tech underestimate about themselves?

Surprisingly, it’s not what you might think. Get the inside scoop in our EmpowerMind session.

❔How can I balance work, family, and personal growth?

It’s all about setting the right priorities. Our RoadMap session offers you a holistic guide to achieving a fulfilling balance.

❔Can a career in tech also allow me to make a positive social impact?

Absolutely, and we’ll show you how. Tune into our MasterStride session for inspiring examples and actionable plans.

NOT SURE THIS IS FOR YOU? Jump on a FREE 15 minite power chat with Gry to work out what is your best option.


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