Use our DREAM Compass™ to Navigate Your Journey

Underpinning everything we do in IT Girls Rock is our signature ‘D.R.E.A.M’ framework, designed to help you unleash your dreams and align your career and life.

We call it DREAM for short, and it is made up of the following stages:

  • DreamScope – Unleash Your Imagination
  • RoadMap – Navigate Your Potential
  • EmpowerMind – Unlock Your Strengths
  • AmplifyVoice – Speak Your Truth
  • MasterStride – Seize Your Destiny

Every course, challenge and coaching bundle offered by IT Girls Rock builds on the framework and offers actionable strategies and tools, coupled with real-life stories from women who’ve navigated the tech maze successfully.


Unleash Your Imagination

  • Unlock your mind to visualize your career aspirations
  • Identify your biggest, boldest dreams in tech
  • Set the stage for a journey of transformation


Navigate Your Potential

  • Investigate various career paths in tech
  • Identify the opportunities that resonate with you
  • Plot the waypoints on your road to success


Unlock Your Strengths

  • Uncover your unique strengths 
  • Tackle personal and professional barriers 
  • Learn to transform obstacles into stepping stones



Speak Your Truth

  • Hone your communication skills and use them
  • Create a personal brand that’s authentically you
  • Master the art of self-presentation in professional settings


Seize Your Destiny

  • Create a strategic action plan for your career
  • Learn how to exert your influence in the tech sphere
  • Walk away ready to land your dream job and life

It was great to see what learning one can be done in 1 hour. I learnt about Ikigai which is giving perspective of how i can achieve my Tech Career goals.

Tats M

Your Career Questions Answered!

Some of the questions we get asked by women who are in or want to step into IT.

❔What's the most effective way to envision my tech career?

A clear vision is your career’s North Star. Tune in to our DreamScope session for a proven roadmap to crystallize your career aspirations.

❔How do I navigate the complex landscape of tech opportunities?

A roadmap makes all the difference. Don’t miss our RoadMap segment where we decode the maze of tech career options tailored just for you.

❔How can I overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome?

Mindset is key. Our EmpowerMind session will provide you with actionable tools to conquer self-doubt and elevate your career confidence.

❔How can I make sure I'm heard in a male-dominated industry?

Amplifying your voice is crucial. Join us in our AmplifyVoice session to master the art of confident communication.

❔What are the key strategies for moving from middle management to a leadership role?

Strategic action is the bridge. Don’t miss our MasterStride segment that will equip you to transition into leadership with poise.

❔What's the one thing that most women in tech underestimate about themselves?

Surprisingly, it’s not what you might think. Get the inside scoop in our EmpowerMind session.

❔How can I balance work, family, and personal growth?

It’s all about setting the right priorities. Our RoadMap session offers you a holistic guide to achieving a fulfilling balance.

❔Can a career in tech also allow me to make a positive social impact?

Absolutely, and we’ll show you how. Tune into our MasterStride session for inspiring examples and actionable plans.



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