About Us

Inspired by the “it girls” of the turn of the 20th century

An it girl was a trend-setting woman or girl with skills, confidence, eloquent language, relationships, and a mindset that set the example of how to have it all AND do good. She was across the latest trends, she knew exactly who she is and what she wanted, and had an unbelievable generosity of spirit; always taking time to be kind and charitable. 

We take the best of the original it girl and empower her to bridge gaps and create a more connected world where we CELEBRATE DIFFERENCES. We make everyone feel WELCOME, VALUED and INSPIRED while fostering INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD.

📍 We believe that feminine strengths and traits make IT better for everyone
📍 We aim to change the gender balance in IT
📍 We encourage women and girls to become tech creators and innovators
📍 We help women build capacity and confidence to thrive in IT
📍 We foster meaningful connections and relationships
📍 We demonstrate how feminine strengths are essential for IT and leadership
📍 We empower each other to live our best lives with purpose and flair

Feminine Strengths

Feminine strengths and traits (aka ‘soft skills’) are often undervalued, but we believe they make IT better for everyone. We’re here to challenge misconceptions, clarify the definition of success, and change the status quo. 

We help you build the skills, confidence, language, connections and mindsets you need to thrive in your career, through courses, conversations, coaching, challenges and collaborations.

Step into your modern-day career and professional development!

We offer individual and corporate plans with free trials. 




Who is IT Girls Rock for?

This community is for you whether you are IT-savvy or IT-curious. We use IT (Information Technology / I.T.) as an umbrella term for any activity that involves using or creating technology. We also love the way we can playfully use IT instead of it. 

We welcome you and all that you are if you identify as a woman and you want to level up your tech clout and confidence. You believe that we as women and girls have an important part to play in shaping the future.

AND you identify with at least one of the following…

📍 You are an entrepreneur, “techpreneur”, business leader with a idea that needs IT
📍 You hold an IT role and want to connect with other women with similar roles
📍 You are an IT leader and want to connect with other women leaders in IT
📍 You want to transition into IT from a different field
📍 You have an idea for IT (an app, AI, bot) that you don’t know how to evolve
📍 You’re an educator who wants to step into IT or is looking to engage students in IT
📍 You’re new to IT and want to meet women who have walked the path already
📍 You study IT and want to figure out what’s in IT for you and what pathways exist


IT Girls come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, preferences and vintages.

Meet our founder

Gry Stene is an original “IT Girl” from the 80s, starting out as programmer at a time when there were 35-40% women in key IT roles. She has loved her 30+ years working in tech across continents, in customer obsessed roles, and is equally at home in conceptual stage startups as she is in global conglomerates. 

Gry is deeply concerned about the downward trend of women in the industry, especially as tech creators and inventors, and is on a mission to encourage, enable, empower and inspire more women to step into IT in their own capability and capacity! 

She also knows that more women in the industry encourages diversity, inclusion and belonging more broadly and throws all her energy into shifting the balance.

IT Girls Rock is key initiative for our journey and brings the coaching, mentoring, training, conversations and collaborations that Gry has developed over 30 years to a wider audience.

 Check Gry’s video on why she started IT Girls Rock.

We offer a wide variety of courses, challenges,  conversations, collaborations and career coaching for any stage and tailored for your needs.

Exploration (Fun)

At this early stage, women are diving into the vast and ever-expanding world of technology. The emphasis is on exploration, learning, trying out various tech tools, and understanding where their passions lie. They might be students, interns, or early-career professionals. During this period, mistakes are a part of the journey, and it’s a time to celebrate curiosity.

Empowerment (Fairness)

This phase is about recognizing and confronting the challenges and barriers that women in tech often face. It’s a period of growth where women are not just seeking opportunities but also ensuring they are treated fairly and advocating for others.

Mastery (Freedom)

At this mature stage, women have a substantial amount of experience and expertise. They have earned the freedom to make strategic choices, lead teams, and even venture out to start their own tech enterprises. Their decisions and actions now also pave the way for the next generation.


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