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A global coaching and mentoring community for and by women in tech where we empower each other to innovate, collaborate, and excel in career, business and life.




Find mentors that can help you navigate your specific challenges when you need help and guidance.

Global Community, Individual Membership:

A digital platform exclusively for women in IT roles and organisations. Features include:

Personalized Profiles: Create your detailed profiles showcasing your skills, experiences, and interests, facilitating meaningful connections with like-minded women.

Discussion Forums and Groups: Interactive forums and specialized groups allow members to engage in discussions, share insights, and seek advice on various topics related to their careers and personal development.

Networking Events: Regular virtual and in-person networking events, webinars, and workshops provide opportunities for members to connect in real-time, exchange ideas, and build professional relationships.

Resource Library: Access to a comprehensive resource library containing articles, podcasts, videos, and other educational materials curated specifically for women in IT, covering topics such as career advancement, leadership, and work-life balance.

Corporate Programs & Membership:

For leaders and allies who want to be part of the movement. Contact us!

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Community Support

Women in tech enabling, uplifting and inspiring IT-savvy and IT-curious women to step into their feminine strengths and shake IT up for good.

Career Coaching

Whatever stage you are at in your career, we help you scale barriers, juggle competing priorities, recognise your value, and use your voice to thrive in IT.

Enabling women to pursue their dreams and design a brilliant career in IT

Bringing together a safe and inclusive, global collective of courageous women from all walks of life who are IT-curious or IT-savvy, in the shared belief that we need more girls and women involved in technology creation to represent the communities we serve, to inspire innovation and enable the ethical application of technology.

Programs and Initiatives

At IT Girls Rock, we see the untapped brilliance in every individual. Our community, career coaching and programs are designed to shine a spotlight on hidden talents and elevate diverse voices in tech.

By partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations, we co-create spaces where everyone not only belongs but thrives. Together, we’re forging high-performing teams that are as diverse as the challenges they solve. Join us in celebrating the unique contributions that make us stronger, more innovative, and unequivocally better.

Community Membership and Coaching

Unlock your potential with IT Girls Rock’s membership options!

CHANGEMAKERs get weekly group coaching, exclusive resources, in addition to our events. CURIOUS members also get access to a network of incredible women, and our events. We also offer corporate memberships, scholarships and equity pricing.

Come find your tribe and let’s make tech magic happen together!

Vision Spark 2024

Your Path to a Recharged and Aligned Career! Empower, Elevate, and Align Your Professional Journey.

Choose from Group Symphony, our 6-week small group coaching journey, or your Personal Overture to dive into your specific challenges one-on-one with coach Gry.

Both programs are underpinned by our D.R.E.A.M. Compass™ to help you unleash your imagination, navigate your potential, unlock your strengths, speak you truth, and seize your destiny.

Tech Career IngiteHer

Ready to spark your tech career but short on time? Say hello to Tech Career IgniteHer: Spark Your Vision, Shape Your Future—in just 5 one-hour sessions!

We’ve streamlined this empowering experience around the D.R.E.A.M.  Compass™: DreamScope, RoadMap, EmpowerMind, AmplifyVoice, and MasterStride. Each session is filled to the brim with actionable strategies and tools, plus insightful fireside chats featuring women who have successfully navigated the labyrinth of tech.

Learn how to apply their proven methods to your own life and career.

Tech Career AccelerateHer

Unlock the future you’ve always dreamed of with our 12-week Tech Career AccelerateHer program!

Designed specifically for busy, diverse women in tech, this transformative experience takes you on a life-changing journey through four critical career stages: Exploration, Empowerment, Mastery, and Acceleration.

Our program combines actionable strategies, expert coaching, and an empowering community to help you gain clarity, showcase your unique strengths, and step confidently into your next career milestone.

Secure your spot today!


We’re on a mission to inspire more women and girls to thrive in tech

Tech is the FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY globally and we know that diverse teams perform better.

Yet, many women feel overlooked, undervalued, stretched too thinly between competing priorities, and that they do not fit in. And tech creators are NOT representative of the communities they serve.

We’re here to CHANGE that!

Feminine strengths and traits (aka ‘soft skills’) are often undervalued, but we believe they make IT better for everyone. We’re here to challenge misconceptions, clarify the definition of success, and change the status quo.

We help  build the skills, confidence, language, connections and mindsets needed to help people thrive in their career, through courses, conversations, coaching, challenges and collaborations.

Step into your modern-day professional development! We offer individual and corporate plans with free trials.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to enable, empower and elevate women and other underrepresented groups to become tech creators and shake IT up for good.

Our Vision

A more connected world where we celebrate differences and everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired.

Join this eclectic collective of IT savvy and IT curious women from all walks of life and career stages to support each other, grow, and shake IT up for good!

IT Girls Rock

Join IT Girls Rock to shake IT up for good!
Empowering women in tech to innovate, collaborate and disrupt. 

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